about us

we are a publishing house currently based in eindhoven, with the desire to create and foster knowledge and exchange in much the same way the bog does - holding people and artefacts that may historically have been sidelined, encouraging them to exist over and in a multitude of timelines and tending to them gently so that they can change and reform with their core still intact. 
we place great importance on bringing publications into the real world, hosting events that are accessible and welcoming. 

in our publishing practice, we want to carve out a space for different kinds of publishing, working with transcribed audio, translation and writing in all of its forms. we centre the voices often excluded from publishing, not pretending to be all-knowing, working with and for our community and collecting small moments that may otherwise have been forgotten.

for all distribution enquiries, please send an email to info@new-dimension.net, and our lovely friends there will sort it out for you.